Educating to a better future

Britain has a great engineering legacy and a strong tradition of world-class Engineers that make a vital and valuable contribution to the country's economy, providing the foundation for modern society. These skilled individuals are at the centre of the global challenges of climate change, ageing populations, supply of food, clean water and sustainable energy. The increased worldwide demand for engineering talent and the need to replace the current workforce is gathering apace, and without new talent our business and engineering businesses in general will not continue to thrive.

This site shows the range of activities that National Grid is undertaking to support the challenge of inspiring and helping young people to become the next generation of engineers. To do it we also need the support of schools and parents, as well as other organisations and businesses, all of us pulling in the same direction. Together we can enable thousands of young people to realise their potential in STEM careers that will benefit them, their communities, our economy and all of society.