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The story books are fun activities where pages can be turned onscreen. You and your child/children can read the story or have the recorded narrator read aloud whilst the words are highlighted. You can choose between a 'full story' version or a simpler 'short story' depending on your child/children's age or ability. You can pause the story at any time to talk about it.

How to use the interactive stories: All of the controls are at the bottom of the story.

  • Click on the 'full story' button for the full story. Click on the 'short story' button for the easy version.
  • Use the arrow keys by the 'turn page' button or drag the page itself to turn pages forwards or backwards.
  • Use the 'sound' button to turn the sound on or off.
  • Use the 'play' button to have the story read out aloud, with words highlighting.
  • Use the 'pause' button to pause the story.
  • Use the 'stop' button to return to the beginning.

A Drop of Oil is all about 'Energy' - how coal, oil and gas were formed, how we get them and use them today. There's a fun activity idea about making oil marble patterns on paper.

A Slippery Day is a story about two children learning about 'Forces' - slipping and sliding in the snow. There's a fun activity idea about testing different surfaces.

What am I? is a quiz story looking at different 'Materials', their properties and where we get them from. Children must guess the material from the description. There's a fun activity idea where you can make a handprint together.