PLEASE NOTE: To view interactive content you will need at least Flash Player 8. Please click here to download the latest version of Flash Player free from Adobe.


For assistance with downloading and installing the necessary software to view Flash or PDF files, please visit the site Accessibility section.

Running Flash interactive content from the Web

Flash content should open in a new tab or window. Windows users can press F11 (in most browsers including Firefox and Internet Explorer) to enable/disable fullscreen mode.

Viewing Adobe Reader PDF files in fullscreen mode

Adobe Reader PDF files can be viewed in fullscreen mode via the following procedures:

  1. In Firefox 2 and above, press the F11 key to take you into and out of the fullscreen mode
  2. In Adobe Reader press Ctrl + L to show the fullscreen mode
  3. Note that fullscreen mode in Internet Explorer is not available when viewing PDFs
    inside the browser
  4. To avoid PDFs opening in your web browser you can save them to your local hard disk by right-clicking on the link that you wish to download and choosing "Save Link As" or "Save Target As" and specifying a local path and file name. Or follow the instructions below to force PDFs to open in Adobe Reader by default:

    If you are running Adobe Reader 8 or 9.x:
    1. Open Adobe Reader.
    2. Choose Edit > Preferences.
    3. Within the left-hand menu, select Internet.
    4. Deselect the first checkbox (marked "Display PDF in browser").
    5. Click OK.
    If you are running Acrobat 6.0.x -7.0.x or Adobe Reader 6.0.x -7.0.x:
    1. Open Acrobat or Reader.
    2. Choose Edit > Preferences > Internet.
    3. Deselect Display PDF in Browser.
    4. Click OK.