Free book: Sustainable energy without the hot air

A free resource book for teachers

This is an educational resource that looks at the energy debate using scientific and engineering principles.

This resource is readable, amusing without being frivolous and gives readers a logical approach when discussing the sustainability debate. We have a major part to play in the energy infrastructure and will happily provide copies of this book to schools. In his introduction to this edition, Steve Holliday, our Chief Executive, said:

"We believe this makes it an ideal source of material for schools looking to understand and debate energy issues... This book encourages the reader to think from clearly-explained, basic scientific principles, and then to ‘do the sums'. It is a superb example of how the science and maths taught in schools can and should be applied. It will help teachers to illustrate the curriculum at all levels, and help students to develop the competences needed to be part of the solution to the energy problem."

We offer Professor MacKay's book in printed, paperback form, but you can take a look at the contents at

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